Pioneer Cycle Cloud Connect
Install Manual

Depending on the Security settings of your browser there may be warning messages shown when downloading warning of possible security problems due to the download. These will have no effect on the update operation and should be ignored.

Windows PC


Install Pioneer Cycle Cloud Connect

Explanation of Screen


Download the executable file from the above URL.

Double click the downloaded file to execute it.

If the User Account Dialog box is shown, press "Yes".

Language Selection

Select the language to be used during installation and then press "OK".

Setup Wizard

Click on "Next".

Please read the Terms of Service, select the "I accept the agreement" box, then click on "Next".

To install the software click on "Install".

Device Driver Installation Wizard

During the installation of Pioneer Cycle Cloud Connect, the Device Driver will be installed. Please follow the instructions shown for Driver Installation.

Now Installing Driver. Please click on "Next".

If the Windows Security Dialog box is shown, please click on "Install".

If the Driver is installed correctly, the Installation Wizard will show an "Completing the Device Driver Installation Wizard" dialog Box.
Please click on "Finish".

If Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is not installed,

If Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is not installed on your computer the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup is shown. Please select"I have read and accept the license terms." then click on "Install".

After the Install Progress is shown, the Setup Complete Window is shown. Please click on "Finish" to complete the installation. A Restart of the computer may be necessary.

Cycle Cloud Connect Installation is now complete.
Please select "Run Pioneer Cycle Cloud Connect.exe" and click on "Finish" to close the Dialog Box.