Cyclo Computer SGY-PM910H Implemented crank : SHIMANO FC-9000, FC-6800
• Crank is not included

A revolutionary new power meter, featuring independent left and right pedaling monitor sensors A world first:* high-precision measurements of pedaling force magnitude and force direction 12 times per revolution. The thin, lightweight sensor unit supports SHIMANO FC-9000 and FC-6800 cranksets, to help athletes reach their ideal pedaling form.

* ANT+™ is a low-powered wireless communications standard using the 2.4GHz range.

  • FC-9000

  • FC-6800
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World first* measurement of
"force" and "direction of force" every 30˚ of rotation

*The "SGY-PM910H" is the first system to measure and display results for every 30˚ of pedaling rotation.

By detecting minute changes in strain on the crank every 30˚ during pedaling,
the "SGY-PM910H" measures "force" and "direction of force" in 12 locations per cycle.
Link up SGX-CA500 or SGX-CA900 cyclocomputers to provide a real-time, graphical representation of pedaling.
With this data, analyze the unique characteristics of your pedaling,
and quantify your performance as a "Pedaling Efficiency" value.

Supports SHIMANO FC-9000 and FC-6800 cranksets

The right-side transmitter cover is included in two colors, metallic red and metallic gray.
Switch the covers to match your cycle color or suit your style.

Shown installed on FC-9000 (Right crank)

Shown installed on FC-6800 (Right crank)

Crank sets Remarks
SHIMANO FC-9000 Crank lengths of 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, 180mm, crank set of 50-34T, 52-36T, 52-38T, 53-39T, 54-42T, 55-42T are compatible.
SHIMANO FC-6800 Crank lengths of 165, 170, 172.5, 175mm, crank set of 50-34T, 52-36T, 53-39T are compatible.

Can be installed on a variety of frames

Thin sensor units include two types of rotation detector magnets. Versatile and unobtrusive,
the sensors and magnets can easily be installed on a variety of cycle frame types.
*Please confirm the compatibility of your bike with a qualified Pioneer retailer


Left-side Sensor Unit

Arm type Magnet
Patch type Magnet
*Please select one type of magnet according to frame type

Metallic Red
(Shipped Installed)

Metallic Gray
(Included Part)

Right-side Transmitter

Patch type

Arm type

Magnet Installation Shown

High-accuracy measurement even under harsh conditions

With water-resistance rated IPX6/IPX7 and capable of operation at temperatures from -10°C to 50°C,
the SGY-PM910H is accurate and reliable even under the variety of environments faced during top athlete trials.

Operates in -10℃ to 50℃ temperatures.

Easy Maintenance
Zero Point Calibration, Battery Replacement, Mode Change

To calibrate the zero point, simply stop the right crank arm perpendicular to the ground,
and tap the cyclocomputer's "Start Calibration" button.
When using the SGX-CA500 cycle computer, the ZeroCal application can simultaneously calibrate left and right sides.
The CR2032 battery is easily changed by opening the left-side sensor unit cover.
When linking up to an ANT+™ enabled cyclocomputer, push the "Power Meter Mode" switch found inside the right-side transmitter.

Calibrating the Zero Point

Battery Replacement and Mode Change

Product Specifications
  • World's first* high-precision measurement of force magnitude and force direction, every 30° of rotation, for each leg
  • Supports SHIMANO FC-9000 and FC-6800 cranksets
  • Improved support for various cycle frames, with thin-profile sensors and two types of rotation detector magnets
  • Right-hand side transmitter cover included in metallic red and metallic gray finishes, to suit your style and frame color
  • Simple maintenance operations for zero point calibration, battery replacement, and more
Weight About 66 g
External dimensions [Pedaling monitor sensor (right side)]
 58.3 mm(W) × 46.1 mm(H) × 21.3 mm(D)
 78 mm(W) × 36.7 mm(H) × 7.3mm(D)
[Pedaling monitor sensor (left side)]
 92.5 mm(W) × 34.7 mm(H) × 8.6 mm(D)
Water-resistance This device has a water resistance rating of IPX-6/IPX-7
Communications system
ANT+™ *1 standard
Battery CR2032
Battery operating time *2 Approximately 180 hours (normal temperature)
Guaranteed operational
temperature range
-10 to 50°C
Accessories Magnet(Patch type,Arm type),Righttransmittercover(metallicgray),Batteries,Cableties,Hex screws,User’s Manual,User’s Manual
Implemented crank SHIMANO FC-9000 , SHIMANO FC-6800

*1 ANT+™ is a low-powered wireless communications standard using the 2.4GHz range.
*2 The battery operating time may decrease depending on the operating conditions.
• Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
• Crank is not included