Cyclo Computer SGX-CA900

Visualize your pedaling with a powerful high-data cycling computer Data on power (left&right independently), pedaling efficiency, pedaling graphs; ANT+™ standard speed sensor, heart rate monitor, and more. Over 100 types of data accessible in real time.


Over 100 types of data accessible in real time

Pedaling graph, pedaling efficiency, power, distance, speed*, heart rate*, temperature, atmosphere, elevation, gradient, and more.
Over 100 types of measurable data available. With 16 layout patterns, measurement reporting can be adapted to training, races, and any other setting in which an athlete might perform.
* ANT+™ standard sensor required.

Data Field Type/Pattern List

■Data fields: 5

[Display Example]

  1. Cadence
  2. Power LR
  3. Power Lap Avg
  4. Pedaling L
  5. Pedaling R

■Data fields: 4

[Display Example]

  1. Time WO
  2. Distance WO
  3. 3s.Avg Power
  4. Speed

■Data fields: 9

[Display Example]

  1. Power WO Max
  2. Power WO Avg
  3. Cadence WO Max
  4. Distance WO
  5. Temperature
  6. Atmospheric Pressure
  7. Elevation Gain WO
  8. Clock Time
  9. Date

Layout Pattern List

Ex.: Pedaling training

Ex.: Race

Ex.: Heart rate, Power training

Ex.: Left-right pedaling balance

Ex.: Multi-display

Easy-to-understand graphical displays

By displaying data in easy-to-read graphs, athletes can intuitively gain information even in mid-ride.
From the Pedaling Graph, used to grasp the characteristics of your pedaling at a glance, to the Time Series Graph, which displays heart rate and power on a time axis, there are many tools available to push yourself to the next level.

■Time Series Graph

Displays information obtained from the sensors on a line graph as time advances.

■Scatter Chart

Displays information obtained from sensors on a two- variable scatter plot.


Displays information obtained from sensors as a bar graph in accordance with data analysis conditions.

■Realtime CP

Displays the average power per hour relative to CP curve (a curve calculated from the continuous available power in a fixed time) as time advances on a line graph.

■Pedaling Chart

Shows the pedaling force value or direction (vector). Current power (W) is displayed in the center of the graph.


Shows a line graph of pedaling force values for each pedaling angle. (Twelve o’clock direction of the crank is 0° (degree).)

Touch panel allows intuitive use

The adoption of touch panel technology enables quick, intuitive use even while riding.
Expand and zoom, use your finger to change pages left and right, or move up and down to adjust screen brightness.

■One-touch expansion

■Adjust brightness by scrolling up and down

■Change pages by scrolling left and right

Input FTP, CP, AWC, maximum oxygen intake,
and other information to obtain high-level riding data

By inputting data like FTP (the maximum amount of power an athlete can maintain for one hour), CP (the amount of power an athlete can maintain for a set time), AWC (the maximum amount of work producible from an anaerobic energy system) and maximum oxygen intake into the "SGX-CA900" cycle computer, calculate high-level data for your ride.
Set a customizable GPS logging interval and create a detailed recording of speed, path taken, and other data.
* By inputting an athlete's FTP, power data can be returned as a % FTP value.
* By inputting an athlete's AWC, a CP curve can be calculated in real time and displayed to the top-right of the CP graph.
* By inputting an athlete's maximum oxygen intake, calorie expenditure can be calculated.

Compare current data with past riding data at any time

By viewing past data before departure, set a new value as the goal of the day's ride.
After the ride, compare the two sets of data (previous and current ride data) to easily evaluate performance.
* For detailed analysis of data, please use our analysis web service Cyclo-Sphere.

Product Specifications
  • Connection possible to Pedaling monitor sensor, ANT+™ *1 sensor
  • GPS , barometer (gradient, distance) , thermometer built-in
  • Uses a high visibility touch panel display, and button placement designed for easy operability
  • Able to analyze riding data using the “Cyclo-Sphere” dedicated cloud service
Weight 126g
Dimensions 70mm(W) X 85mm(H) X 21.5mm(D)
Connector miniUSB
Water-resistance IPX6
Communications system
ANT+™ *1 standard
Positioning system
Positioning system
Atmospheric pressure sensor
Display QVGA 320x240 pixel, 2.2” Touch panel (Resistive membrane type)
Built-in flash memory 8GB (6GB for user use)
Guaranteed operational
temperature range
-10 to 50°C
Power supply voltage DC 5V
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
operating time *2
Approximately 12 hours (brightness 5)
Charging time Approximately 4 hours (normal charge);
Approximately 3 hours (fast charge)
Accessories Bracket (for 31.8mm diameter handlebar), bolt, USB cable, strap, mounting guide/user manual, warranty

*1 ANT+™ is a low-powered wireless communications standard using the 2.4GHz range.
*2 The battery operating time may decrease depending on the operating conditions.
• Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.