Cyclo Computer SGX-CA500

Know your riding, and pursue your ideal form.
Next-Generation High-Performance Cycle Computer
Slim, lightweight advanced form. Real-time display of over 100 types of data with support for ANT+™ and Wi-Fi. Take it training, racing, or wherever you ride.

*The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is the WiFi Alliance's certification mark.
*ANT+™ is a low-powered wireless communications standard using the 2.4GHz range.

UPDATE The "Training Assistance function"
brings the cycle computer in sync with your training and supports growth

By updating the SGX-CA500 it is possible to use the "Training Assistance function".
The various training menus created in the Cyclo-Sphere are sent to the SGX-CA500, which guides training.
Menu *Step notifications are displayed when necessary with a sound and a pop-up display.
Also, the SGX-CA500 now has an interval timer function, and the target power value can be freely set for warm-up, interval, rest, and cooldown times.
A useful function for athletes who are already doing their own power training.

*The menu can hold up to 30 items in memory on the SGX-CA500.

SGX-CA500 "Training Assistance Function" screen display example

Training Assistance Function
Selection screen (Menu Screen)
Training Menu
Selection screen
Countdown to Start screen
Countdown to Finish screen

Interval Timer Function screen example

Light and slim - take it anywhere you ride

The slim, lightweight body is designed for practical situations,
and fitted with a 1.87-inch monochrome LCD featuring high outdoor visibility,
and IPX6/IPX7-equivalent water resistance for use in even the harshest training or racing environments.

Weight: About 75 g
Water-resistance: rating of IPX-6/IPX-7
*Products pictured are a custom specification
for the team Lotto NL-Jumbo

Supports ANT+™ Sensors, Wi-Fi
Link up with a pedaling monitor sensor
for real-time pedaling visualization

Link up with SGY-PM910H2, SGY-PM910H or SGY-PM900H series pedaling monitor sensors
to measure "force magnitude" and "force angle" at 12 positions per pedal rotation, independent for each leg.
Displaying a real-time graphical representation of pedaling conditions makes
new forms of specialized pedaling skill improvement training possible.
ANT+™ sensor support allows connection to a variety of sensors,
providing real-time access to a wide variety of data.

Over 100 types of data accessible in real time

Pedaling graph, pedaling efficiency, power, balance, distance, speed*, heart rate*, temperature, atmosphere, elevation, gradient, and more.
Over 100 types of measurable data available.
With 16 layout patterns, measurement reporting can be adapted to training, races,
and any other setting in which an athlete might perform.
* ANT+™ standard sensor required.

Data Field Type/Pattern List

■Data fields: 5

[Display Example]

  1. Cadence
  2. Power LR
  3. Efficiency LR
  4. Pedaling L
  5. Pedaling R

■Data fields: 6

[Display Example]

  1. 3s.Avg Efficiency LR
  2. Balance L:R
  3. Lap Avg Cadence
  4. Lap Max Heart Rate
  5. Lap Avg Power
  6. Lap Time

■Data fields: 9

[Display Example]

  1. Lap Avg Efficiency LR
  2. WO Max Power
  3. Last Lap Avg Cadence
  4. WO Avg Heart Rate
  5. Temperature
  6. Altitude
  7. Lap Count
  8. Lap Avg Speed
  9. Date

UPDATE Master the gear shifting technique with information
recorded and displayed on the Shimano Di2 Electronic Transmission

The SGX-CA500 now displays a wide variety of transmission information,
such as the number of front and rear teeth, gear ratios, and battery information,
that can be displayed on-screen, graphically or numerically.
Gear changing technique is essential for any cycling athlete as it allows the maintenance of speed in a variety of conditions,
preserves stable cadence and torque, and prevents fatigue while riding.
Transmission information can also be used as log data (total number of gear shifts, average gear shift intervals)
for "Cyclosphere", our online analysis tool.
By comparing the transmission information against other data, you can gather new insights for your training and racing analysis.

■Gear Detail Display

■Bike Gear Detail Display

■Graph Display

■Numerical Display

Compatible Di2 Systems
Additional Systems Necessary for the Above
Wireless Transmission Unit SM-EWW01(SHIMANO)
E-tube Cable SM-SD50(SHIMANO)

How to Display and Utilize Gear Information

By Shintaro Suda (WALKRIDE Corp.)

Easy to operate in a variety of situations

The resistive-film system touch panel is easy to operate, even wearing full-finger gloves.
Intuitive controls allow easy zooming and scrolling. The screen can also be customized to suit specific purposes.
A tactile hardware button changes laps for ease of operation while riding, with an additional auto-lap function.

Intuitive Operation

Auto Lap Function

Upload log data via USB or Wi-Fi connection

After riding, connect the SGX-CA500 via Wi-Fi* to upload log data to Cyclo-Sphere, our data analysis web service.
Data can also be checked immediately on tablets or other portable devices, without the need to connect to a PC via USB.
*Wi-Fi Internet connection required.

Input FTP, CP, AWC, maximum oxygen intake,
and other information to obtain high-level riding data

By inputting data like FTP (the maximum amount of power an athlete can maintain for one hour), CP (the amount of power an athlete can maintain for a set time), AWC (the maximum amount of work producible from an anaerobic energy system) and maximum oxygen intake into the "SGX-CA900" cycle computer, calculate high-level data for your ride.
Set a customizable GPS logging interval and create a detailed recording of speed, path taken, and other data.
* By inputting an athlete's FTP, power data can be returned as a % FTP value.
* By inputting an athlete's maximum oxygen intake, calorie expenditure can be calculated.

Compare current data with past riding data at any time

By viewing past data before departure, set a new value as the goal of the day's ride.
After the ride, compare the two sets of data (previous and current ride data) to easily evaluate performance.
* For detailed analysis of data, please use our analysis web service Cyclo-Sphere.

Product Specifications
  • Delivers high functionality for practical situations, in a small, lightweight (75 g) package
  • Visualizes pedaling state and efficiency through graphical displays of force vectors*3
    Enables new modes of training focused on pedaling skill development
  • Displays over 100 data types, such as power, cadence, speed, and incline, all in real time
  • Easy, intuitive touch-panel operation, even when wearing full-finger gloves
  • Upload data to Cyclo-Sphere, our online data analysis service, via USB or Wi-Fi connection*4
Weight About 75 g
Dimensions 58 mm (W) x 58 mm (H) x 19 mm (D)
(without projection parts)
Connector microUSB
Water-resistance This device has a water resistance rating of IPX-6/IPX-7
Communications system
ANT+™ *1 standard
Communications method (network) Wi-Fi
Positioning system
Positioning system
Atmospheric pressure sensor
Display 160x128 pixel, horizontal 1.87 inch outdoor type, Black and white Touch panel (resistive touch display)
Built-in flash memory 4 GB (user available capacity 3 GB)
Guaranteed operational
temperature range
-10 to 50°C
Charging temperature 0 to 45°C
Power supply voltage DC 5V
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Battery operating time*2 Approximately 12 hours
Charging time Approximately 4 hours (Power off or normal charging)
Accessories Bracket, USB cable, Strap, Quick Start Guide, Warranty card, Important Information for the User

*1 ANT+™ is a low-powered wireless communications standard using the 2.4GHz range.
*2 The battery operating time may decrease depending on the operating conditions.
*3 When used together with a pedaling monitor sensor
*4 Wi-Fi Internet connection required.
• Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

Option <Exclusive bracket>

SGY-BR500 Exclusive bracket designed for SGX-CA500
SGY-BR500T Exclusive TT bracket designed for SGX-CA500

<Installation Example>

Minimum Width 65mm
  • Bracket is designed for use on a 22.2 mm diameter aerobar.
  • Suggested installation position is on the right side of the aerobars.
    In that case, the space between the left and right bars must be more than 65 mm.
  • The angle of the product cannot be adjusted.
    Depending on the shape of the aerobars,the Cyclocomputer may not be parallel to the bars.